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Kerime Senyücel

Kerime Senyücel graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Art History and English Literature. He worked as a producer at TRT between 1975-2017. Between 2004 and 2009, he served on the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Documentary Group Board of Directors on behalf of TRT.

Kerime Senyücel, a member of the Turkish Journalists Association, Contemporary Journalists Association, ASTAD (Anatolian Art Historians Association), Hatay Birlik Foundation, Documentary Filmmakers Association, speaks English and French. He served as a Member of the Cinema Support Board of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (on behalf of BSB in 2015-2016) and as a member of the Advisory Board of Vehbi Koç and Ankara Research Center (VEKAM) in 2015-2016.

He received awards at home and abroad during his 49-year career. Turkish Journalists Association, in 2001, with the documentary "Lands whose half turns into water". Sedat Simavi Award, TV Branch Award. 2001 "Zeugma, Yesterday, Today", ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union) 2003 best documentary award; "Radio Television Correspondents Association" documentary of the year award for "Osmanoğlu'nun Exile" (2006), "GAP's Opinion Leaders" award for the documentary "Halfetiden Hasankeyfe Sudaki Umut" (2010), Bilûn - The Last Witness of Exile - Turkish Journalists Association, Achievement Awards , TV Documentary Award. (2018) to name a few..

He is currently conducting oral history studies in Ankara for Koç University VEKAM (Vehbi Koç Ankara Research Center)..

She is married and the mother of two children.

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