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Uluslararası Animasyon Film



I heard the great scream of nature” The scream
E. Munch 1895

Through a succession of frenetic images, the video conveys a state of anguish and anxiety towards an uncertain future. Images of gravitational anomalies and natural disasters such as floods, inundations, and recurring rogue waves alternate with flailing crowds in a race against time.
The frantic escape at times almost transforms into a dance or a fight which however leaves no escape from an inevitable fate. The element of the recurring tidal wave, which overwhelms and swallows people and cities, depicts the extreme threat and represents the power and pain of nature that grips the figures.
Using a non-narrative language, the flow of images tries to evoke chaotic and disturbing impressions, in a state of suffocating apnea, a metaphor for a common feeling of uncertainty and anguish in living our time.

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