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Uluslararası Belgesel Film


Kaf Kaf

We’re in Varto. On 19 th of August 1966, a peace giving silence of ancient lands is cut down for 30 seconds. The 30 second that will change the destiny of many people for decades. Townsfolk are running in screams from the earthquake that is yet unknown for them. People keep saying the word “Kaf” one another while running away. Screams join the noise of the roaring land. Houses ruined, bodies burried in the ground, snake invasion, bee attack, being out of water and a great pain.
Varto was ruined…
A new day coming, a month a year and the story of tragic journey goes on for the people survived in Varto. Survivors of Varto have migrated to all corners of the country and the world. Varto departs from being unknown by the world press with this terrifying incident.
Film aims for witnessing the journey of the characters experienced 1966 Varto Earthquake in person and stil carrying the tragic marks of it for the whole life.

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