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Plastic Age - Forever?

Will our present age one day be called the "plastic age" by the archaeologists of the future?
The name will probably come from the plastic waste we are currently dumping into our soils, which comes from all walks of life - plastic items that will still be perfectly preserved in 500 to 1000 years.
Plastic waste and microplastics in the oceans are visible and a topic of public debate already - big projects have been launched to try and clean up the garbage islands in the seas - but the plastic waste we introduce into our local soils is a much bigger problem for environment and agriculture/food production. Once underground the waste becomes invisible to us, little awareness or will for countermeasures currently exist.
The film Plastic Age - Forever? depicts these problems and shows alternatives and potential solutions.
Logline: "Plastic age - forever?": A look at our "plastic age" legacy, exploring hidden soil pollution and urgent solutions.

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