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Uluslararası Belgesel Film


Memories of a Sea

A team of scientists specialized in the carbon cycle and its implication in climate change travel to Kazakhstan to study the world's largest living laboratory, the Aral Sea. What was the fourth largest lake on the planet is now a desert as a result of poor environmental management. The researchers have designed a study to assess whether the drying up of the Aral Sea implies the emission of millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Throughout the expedition they will witness the receding of a sea, and the memory of a family of three generations of women who have suffered the consequences of this change. A sea of which only memories remain for some, and an imaginary story for others. The team will have to overcome many adversities along the way that will take them to the inhospitable center of the ancient sea. A journey full of science, experiences, friendships, achievements and some defeats.

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