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Uluslararası Uzun Metraj Kurmaca


Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?
Migrants is 85 minute in duration and is an experimental film with no dialogues. The film follows fifteen different persons yet does not tell their stories. We have fifteen stories, but not told. This film, in a way, is a cinematic interpretation of Jerzy Grotowski's poor theatre. Poor in everything.
Regardless of its production condition, everything that we see in the film is simultaneously in it, and it is not. We encounter a bird that both is and is not. A train that passes and does not. A car that drives by and does not. An explosion that occurs and does not. And a people who exist and do not. This is what migration is. You leave your place of birth but you are, as if, still there. You go somewhere else, you feel yourself physically somewhere else but have left behind your real self.

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