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Uluslararası Belgesel Film


The Sky of Our Childhood

The film will raise the question of how the air quality of the capital of such a mountainous country, with great nature and clean air, could rank among the worst in the world.
In this film, we were able to collect the opinions of experts, international environmental researchers, politicians, government officials, eco-activists and ordinary citizens about air quality in Bishkek.
The viewer will witness how each person tries to justify their environmentally unfriendly actions, referring to different factors. It would seem obvious that the time has come for the people of Bishkek to unite and finally resolve this issue. After all, each hero of our film declares their readiness to improve the situation. Thanks to the film, every viewer will be able to feel the pain that our city lives with polluted air. In addition, every day a million people are forced to inhale this polluted and dangerous air.

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