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     The International Disaster Film Festival (UAFF) is a pioneering cultural event that focuses on raising awareness of the impact and importance of natural and man-made disasters. UAFF aims to support filmmakers and artists working in these fields by providing an in-depth understanding of natural and man-made disasters.

      What is required for a movie to be considered Disaster themed?
If the theme of your film is a direct disaster-themed or if the first conflict that starts the chain of events involves a disaster, if the subject of the film has affected the masses, if the ongoing effects of a fictional or real disaster are the subject, if a documentary (documentary) is produced about a real disaster or its effects, if it covers at least one of these requirements, you can apply to the category appropriate to the structure of your film.

     Disaster, any natural or human-generated calamitous event that produces great loss of human life or destruction of the natural environment, private property, or public infrastructure. A disaster may be relatively sudden, such as an earthquake or an oil spill, or it may unfold over a longer period, such as the effects of an ongoing pandemic or climatic disruption.
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