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Throughout her career, which started in 2001, she worked as a manager and consultant at various levels of the private sector regarding branding, marketing communications, media relations, content development and licensed products.
From 2007 to 2015, he carried out commercial activities related to the development of licensed products of foreign cartoon characters, cinema and music icons in the Turkish market and their supply to chain stores and e-commerce sites.

He started his duty at TRT in 2017 as License Manager, and was later appointed as Deputy General Secretary and General Secretary, respectively. He served as TRT Children's Channel Coordinator from February 2019 until the end of 2023.

He implemented the "Launching licensed products of TRT's local TV series and cartoons" project, which was also included in the 100-day action program of the Presidency; He carried out the branding and introduction of many local animations into the cinema industry, such as Rafadan Tayfa, which broke box office viewing records, and Aslan, Elif and Friends, İbi, Kaptan Pengu, Doru, Nasreddin Hodja, Puzzle Tower, which were broadcast on TRT Çocuk.

He specialized in local animation production, including national values in children's content, developing clean content in all areas of children's media and correctly transferring Turkish to the new generation; He wrote articles, received awards, and gave seminars.

He led the team that positioned TRT Çocuk beyond being just a television channel and took it to the top in every medium, from screen to cinema, from mobile games and applications to licensed products, from magazines and books to stage events. He took an active role in the development of the animation industry in Turkey.

Bora Durmuşoğlu, who graduated from Adana Anatolian High School and Selçuk University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, is married and the father of two children.

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