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Journalist-Director Zeynep Sude Yavuz

Zeynep Sude Yavuz was born in Bursa on 29 May 2001. She graduated from Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema with a degree. During her university education, she participated in the project named 'Communicator Girls in the Field' and received various trainings in the field of media and completed the trainings with the 1st place. She started working as an intern at the internet newspaper TV Bolu within the Medya Bark company operating in Bolu. Yavuz, who later continued his duty as a reporter, participated in live broadcasts as AZE News Agency Bolu Correspondent on Cadde TV, a national channel during his profession. He was the presenter of the Youtube programme 'Ne Mana' broadcast on TV Bolu, the director and set supervisor of the programmes 'We Talk', 'Free Strike', 'Caner Güngör'le CAN'lı broadcast' broadcast on TV Bolu Facebook page and Youtube channels. He prepared and presented the programme titled "What does the voter want?" prepared for the general elections. During his time at TV Bolu, he gained experience in interview, news, TV programming, live broadcasting and production. He was a columnist in the weekly newspaper 'Bizim Bolu' published within the institution, and his columns were published in the traditional holiday newspapers of Bolu Journalists Association. He also worked in the news team of these newspapers. In the production department of Medya Bark; He worked as a set supervisor, assistant director director and editing operator in commercials and promotional films. 

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