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Director- Research Assistant. Assist. Aysu Uğur Balcı

Aysu Uğur Balcı graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Communication with a degree in 2017. She was a finalist in festivals with the short films she shot while studying. At the 23rd International Adana Film Festival, she won the Best Experimental Short Film award in the student category. In 2017, he started his master's degree at Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. In 2019, he started working as a research assistant at the Faculty of Communication of the same university and is still working in the same department. In 2020, she completed her master's degree with her thesis titled "Cultural Representations in Post-2000 European Cinema". She is currently continuing her doctoral studies in the same department. She is the deputy editor of SineFilozofi, Turkey's first cinema philosophy journal. Her areas of interest are communication studies, experimental cinema, film production-management, film sociology.

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